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August 30th, 2019
Sept 04, 2019
Mo We Fr – 6:00 to 9:00 PM
14 weeks


9 hrs p/week for face-to-face instruction
10 hours per week – online
USD$ 3,995





The Full-Stack Web Development at Miami Dade College is an amazing 14-week program designed to provide you with the tools and skills on the latest and most demanded technologies in web programming.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of web developers is projected to grow 15% from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations. The demand for Web developers is projected to grow as e-commerce continues to expand. Online purchasing is expected to grow faster than the overall retail industry. As retail firms expand their online offerings, demand for web developers will grow. In addition, an increase in the use of mobile devices to search the web will lead to increased demand for web developers.


This course is offered in collaboration with 4Geeks Academy and consists of a blended format that includes a combination of 126 hours of face-to-face instruction and 140 hours of online training through a digital platform filled with lessons and progressive exercises to increase your skills, covering from basic tasks to the more complex assignments.

14 weeks

Become a Full-Stack Web Developer in just 14 weeks

This course is designed with a blended learning methodology, combining 126 hours of face-to-face instruction and more than 140 hours of online training through a digital platform, making it the perfect option for a flexible and fast learning course.

Part-time schedule

Part-Time schedule for your convenience

You don’t have to quit your job to attend our program. Part-time is not just about the schedule, you will benefit from our blended learning platform, trained instructors, specialized content and an innovative teaching methodology that’ll help you learn twice as fast.

Hot Deal!

The most affordable program in South Florida

As a part of Miami Dade College’s mission, this program is designed to offer an accessible, high-quality learning experience. You’ll get the right tools to improve your professional skills at the most affordable price available.

Flipped Classroom

The theory is delivered through video, animation, images, and infographics. Class-time is then used to debate, build projects and mentor over practical exercises.

7:1 Student/Instructor Ratio

An intimate setting provides the faculty with the opportunity to adapt to each student’s particular pace.

One on One Mentorship

Every student has the opportunity to have regular conversations with a mentor.


Week 1: How the Web Works

Starting with the basics of the Internet architecture. Understand how the browser works.  Client vs. Server. Introduction to HTML, Tags, Tables. Head & Body.  Introduction to CSS.

HTML vs. CSS.  Bootstrap, its components and workflow.

Week 2: Wireframes, CMD & GIT

Start to develop a professional workflow. Learn how to use the Command Line. Introduction to GIT and its components. Create your own repository and work as a team using GIT. Design a wireframe using Bootstrap components. Website Sitemap and Sections.

Week 3: First Coding Skills

It’s time to Code! Introduction to JavaScript. Learn how to use Variables, Data Types, Arrays, Functions, Loops and create algorithms and incorporate them into assignments.

Week 4: Introduction to React.js

Create your first React application. Professional workflow in JS. Webpack and JS Modules. Babel. React as a rendering engine. React components. React Router + Flux.

Week 5: The Project

Start working in a project using SCRUM methodology, User Stories, Kanban and Wireframing. Flux view.

Week 6: MVC with FLUX

No more hard-coding, make your Flux.Views and Components render from the Flux.Model. Flux.Actions  Flux.Views  Flux.Store

Week 7: Consuming API’s

Intro to AJAX, HTTP Requests and JSON. Learn how to use Postman. Modeling Data with WordPress. The WordPress Dashboard. Create a CPT.  Composer + WordPress CLI.

Week 8: Make a Plugin + API

Build a WP Plugin with a custom model and API. Learn how to use ACPT Plugin + Custom Post Types to make Meetup-clone models.  Create an API method.

Week 9: API Authentication

Start authenticating your website’s users. Build API services to login. Managing cookies with PHP and JavaScript. React Components.

Week 10: The WordPress Theme

Build your own WordPress Theme. Learn about the WordPress Templating Engine and how to use it to render HTML. Learn to use PHP as a template engine (conditional display and loops).

Week 11: Payment Integration

Authenticate your website users. Learn how to integrate WooCommerce as a gateway for payment services for your website. WooCommerce API integration. Work in your final project.

Week 12: The Data Week

Learn how to measure everything and convert your website into a Data Generation machine using Google Analytics. Google Tag Manager integration, Identify and dispatch events. Data collection. AdWords integration.

Week 13: The Final Project

This whole week is dedicated to polishing and get ready to finalize your final project.

Week 14: To Production

In this final week and it’s time to upload your work. You will use GIT, WPCLI and CPanel and get your final project uploaded and running for final presentation.

* Disclaimer: The course content may change at any time, with or without notice.

Miami Dade College, the largest institution of higher education in Florida, is offering its fifth cohort for the Full-Stack Web Development program through the School of Continuing Education & Professional Development.


The School of Continuing Education & Professional Development proudly serves community needs by providing short-term non-credit programs to address workforce shortages, following up the mission of making college more accessible to the public and to meet community needs not served by traditional College programs.


The Eduardo J. Padrón Campus is conveniently located in the heart of Little Havana, near the Brickell Financial District, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Westchester, and Miami International Airport.

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